Compact Excavator Platform

The mini excavator platform provides users with all the benefits of fully electric equipment while delivering the same level of performance as its fossil fuel-powered counterpart. The quiet, zero-emission equipment enables a 39-inch hydraulically retractable undercarriage to expand to 54 inches, delivering impressive performance in tight areas with minimal repositioning. Green Machine has partnered with Bobcat Company to produce a limited production of electric-powered Bobcat® compact excavators. Green Machine is responsible for the modifications to convert the Bobcat machines from diesel to electric power. 


Zero fossil fuels used and no greenhouse gases emitted during operation.

2,000 Cycles

State-of-the-art WhisperDrive™ battery system.

Single Phase Charging

Recharges from a standard 220V/50A outlet.

50% quieter

Ideally suited for work environments that have restrictions on emissions and noise.


Excavator Platform Features

  • Zero emissions improve worker health, reduces contamination risks for sensitive materials
  • Environmental hazards mitigated from reduced use of flammable/combustible materials
  • Recharges from standard 220V/50A outlets
  • Performs the same as diesel or gasoline-powered options
  • Reduced noise enhances job site communication
  • Compact equipment design fits into tight, narrow spaces
  • Zero tail swing for improved maneuverability
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Electric vs. Diesel

Placed side by side, electric and diesel equipment looks the same. But when you consider the benefits of electric versus diesel, the choice becomes clear. No emissions. Less noise. Lower costs. Higher performance. One of the most effective things you can do to improve the health and wellness of jobsite workers and surrounding communities is to transition to electric construction equipment enabled by Green Machine.


Operating Performance

A. Height: 8’ 2.6”
B. Dozer Blade Width: 5’ 8.5”
C. Transport Length: 16’ 8.2”
D. Max Reach: 18’ 2.3”
E. Max Dump Height: 12’ 6.7”
F. Max Dig Depth: 11’ 4.4”

Operating Weight: 8,570 lbs
Tail Swing Radius: 4’ 5.7”
Min Front Swing Radius – (80° boom swing): 6’ 8.2”


Lifting Capacity

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