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Inside the first fail-safe lithium-ion battery system

Never in the history of lithium-ion technology has anyone designed a failsafe system. Until we did. What’s more, there has never been a way to test a battery under the extreme conditions we required, so we had to invent it.

Viridi systems are the only products in the market that can be safely installed and operated in nearly any environment or location because they’ve been rigorously tested and passed the safety threshold established by CSA, an independent testing body that is a leader in standards development, testing, inspection and certification around the world. CSA’s promise is to “Hold the World to a Higher Standard.”

Viridi’s products incorporate thermal-management technology developed by KULR Technology Group, Inc. (NYSE American: KULR), a company that has its origins in cooling solutions developed for NASA space missions.

Failsafe technology means that Viridi goes wherever energy is needed.


  • UL 1642 (cell), UN38.3 (cell/module)
  • UL 1973 (pack tested but not listed)
  • UL 9540A Tested
  • UL 9540 (Field listed with ESS)
A timeline of testing led to the world’s first commercial-building indoor installation of a large-scale lithium-ion battery system. For more on this: link to HWI