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Viridi MENA

Fail-Safe Distributed Energy Storage Technology for the Middle East and North Africa


Helping the region achieve ambitious goals to rapidly expand deployment of renewables, diversify energy sources, meet growing electricity demands, and attain sustainability targets

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Key players in the global energy market

The Middle Eastern and North African Regions face challenges such as capacity and efficiency in storing and managing the energy generated from vast renewable sources. Viridi will provide the expertise and technology necessary to address these challenges and to help the area achieve its renewable energy commitments. We are eager to lend our credibility and innovation to the region’s growing renewable energy sector.

Benefits for Fail-safe distributed energy storage

Safe & reliable

One of the safest and most reliable energy storage technologies available.

Clean & sustainable

Store energy from renewable sources, and help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Affordable & accessible

Becoming increasingly affordable and accessible makes a viable option for home and business.

Versatile & scalable

Used in a variety of applications, from backing up critical systems to providing power during outages.

Empowering MENA:

Our Leadership’s Mission to Fuel Growth and Innovation

Eng.Nabelah Al Tunisi, President of Viridi MENA, has more than 3 decades of diversified experience within the region. Since her tenure as Saudi Aramco’s Chief Engineer, Nabelah has been a valuable corporate resource developing policies and programs while providing consultation, guidance, and evaluation of state-of-the-art technology and development of standards for government, industry, and international organizations.

“ I believe that with my extensive experience in the energy sector, I can make a significant contribution to Viridi’s growth and success in the MENA region.”

– Eng.Nabelah Al Tunisi
President of Viridi MENA

Over her esteemed career, Eng.Nabilah has developed invaluable business relationships across sectors where hospitality and integrity are paramount. She is a distinguished asset to Viridi and our partners in today’s global marketplace.

Pioneering fail-safe distributed energy storage technology

Belief in what we are doing

"We have a great appreciation of Viridi Parente as we both share a commitment to the development of an energy ecosystem that prioritizes sustainability as it pertains to lithium-ion battery resource recovery.”"

"The future of energy starts here! Great ideas come from working together."

"Viridi products open new opportunities for industrial customers to buy and store electricity at less-expensive, off-peak times - allowing companies to keep a greener footprint."

Pioneering fail-safe distributed energy storage technology

innovations in the marketplace

Rapidly Expand Deployment of Renewables

Diversify Energy Sources

Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels

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