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Improves efficiency, increases safety, and reduces environmental impact
Complete your construction projects more effectively and sustainably
Point-of-use Energy Storage System

PORTABLE On-Site Power

Charge EVs at a large job site during a power outage OR with a smaller unit when crews go out of town.

Key Features


Innovation in the marketplace

Zero Tail Swing

Offers the greatest flexibility.

Slew and Deposit

The most protection against job site obstacles.

Confined Construction Sites

The most protection against job site obstacles.
Pioneering Mobile Energy Storage Systems

Compact Excavator Drive System

Green Machine Compact Excavator Drive System with a retracted track width of 28”, the ultra-compact gme310 (mini) excavator accesses job sites where exhausting hand labor is your only other option. Easily navigate through narrower openings and operate in tighter conditions. Zero Tail Swing offers the greatest flexibility to slew and deposit spoil while offering the most protection against job site obstacles. 

Low noise levels: Unlike traditional diesel-powered excavators, electric compact mini excavators produce very low levels of noise, which can be a great benefit when working in residential areas or noise-sensitive environments. 

Zero emissions: Electric compact mini excavators are emission-free, which means they don’t produce any harmful pollutants or fumes that can be hazardous to workers or the environment. This is particularly important in enclosed spaces or indoor construction projects where air quality is a concern. 

Reduced operating costs: Electric compact mini excavators have lower operating costs compared to diesel-powered machines, as they require less maintenance and have fewer moving parts that need regular replacement. This can help to reduce the overall cost of the project and increase profitability. 

Improved maneuverability: The compact size of electric mini excavators makes them ideal for working in tight spaces, such as narrow alleys, tight corners, and confined construction sites. This allows us to work more efficiently and get the job done faster. 

Reduced vibration: Electric compact mini excavators produce less vibration than traditional diesel-powered machines, which can help to reduce operator fatigue and improve overall safety on the job site.

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