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Compact Excavator Drive System

Compact Excavator Drive System
Enhances maneuverability, increases efficiency, reduces damage to the job site, and improves safety for workers.
Point-of-use Energy Storage System

PORTABLE On-Site Power

Charge EVs at a large job site during a power outage OR with a smaller unit when crews go out of town.

Key Features


Innovation in the marketplace

Slew and Deposit

The most protection against job site obstacles.

Zero Tail Swing

Offers the greatest flexibility.

Confined Construction Sites

The most protection against job site obstacles.
Pioneering Mobile Energy Storage Systems

A valuable tool for construction projects in tight spaces 

gme320 compact (mini) excavator delivers impressive performance in tight areas with minimal repositioning. Hydraulically retract the undercarriage to only 39 inches to travel through gates or between homes, then expand to 54 inches for a wider footprint and greater performance. Zero tail swing gives you better maneuverability on the most restricted job sites. 

Enhanced maneuverability: The gme320 is designed to work in tight spaces and has a smaller turning radius than traditional excavators. This allows operators to easily maneuver the machine in tight areas, reducing the need for repositioning. 

Increased efficiency: Because electric compact mini excavators are highly maneuverable, operators can complete work in tight areas with minimal repositioning, saving time and increasing productivity. This is particularly important in construction projects where time is of the essence. 

Reduced damage to the job site: Traditional excavators can cause damage to the job site when repositionings, such as damaging the ground or adjacent structures. Using the gme320 reduces the likelihood of such damage, as it requires less repositioning and is less likely to cause damage when moving around the job site. 

Improved safety: Working in tight areas with traditional excavators can be hazardous, as operators may need to work in close proximity to other workers or structures. The gme320 is smaller and more maneuverable, which can reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. 

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