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Thermal Management System

Patented Anti-propagation Technology

Anti-propagation Technology

Viridi’s Pack-Level Thermal Management Lithium-ion Battery System was developed with patented anti-propagation technology tested to UL standards for deployment in and around occupied spaces.

Our technology is used to control the temperature of groups of lithium-ion batteries that are connected to form a battery pack. When thermal runaway occurs at the cellular level, Viridi’s proprietary design controls the energy and keeps it from propagating to the next cell or module. 

Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in many electronic devices because they are lightweight, have high energy density, and are rechargeable. However, they are sensitive to temperature changes, and their performance can be affected by temperature variations. 

Our patented technology uses a stacking frame that locks the module in place to secure components while creating a “chimney” between the stacks of modules. TRS Pouches surround the modules, sense a thermal event, and extinguish cells before propagation within the pack. Finally, we include a heat-resistant phenolic material that prevents piercing additional cells within the pack. 

Stacking Frame (GREEN)

Patented Viridi technology creates a “chimney’ between stacks of modules for heat and pressure to vent through the cap at the top of the pack.

TRS Pouches (RED)

Senses thermal event and extinguishes cell before propagation within the pack.

Phenolic Material (PINK)

Prevents material from piercing additional cells within the pack.

Custom Solutions

Pack-Level Thermal Management System Features

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