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Revolutionizing the way energy is used and stored.

Fail-Safe Energy Storage Systems

Powerful, affordable, and scalable so you can take your business to the next level.

pioneering fail-safe distributed energy storage technology

Viridi designs and builds fail-safe battery energy storage systems with on-demand, affordable power for use in industrial, medical, commercial, municipal, and residential building applications.

rps 150

A Fuel Tank for industrial applications.

Deploy this system on a trailer, synchronize, and charge via a generator. Eliminate the need for external fire suppression with Viridi’s Patented Pack-Level Thermal Management System, which can sense a thermal event and extinguish the cell before propagation within the pack.

Fixed & Portable
Unlimited Storage Capacity
Pack-Level Thermal Management
Fail-Safe & Stable
Making News

Viridi leading the charge.

Western NY becoming a major hub of America’s new clean energy ‘Battery Belt’.

Custom Solutions

Powering What’s Next

Let our innovation work for you.

Whatever your focus, our outcomes are redefining energy storage and powering the transition to a renewable future for companies like yours. We embrace a custom challenge.

fail-safe distributed energy storage technology

Belief in what we’re doing

“This investment is another example of our commitment to the New York energy transition and the role that New York innovators and entrepreneurs can play in that transition."

"We have a great appreciation of Viridi Parente as we both share a commitment to the development of an energy ecosystem that prioritizes sustainability as it pertains to lithium-ion battery resource recovery."

“Energy storage is super important for us to get right and battery safety is a critical aspect of that. It’s good to see innovation broadly in terms of advancing the safe use of battery technology.”

Using the POWER OF BUSINESS to address the interconnected systems of economic inequality, environmental degradation, and climate change.

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