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Traffic Backup System

For Intelligent Transportation
faveo Traffic Backup System
With the faveo Traffic Backup System, ensure you remain operational even during power outages or other disruptions.
Point-of-use Energy Storage System

Simplify Your Maintenance

Faster troubleshooting and problem resolution with faveo. Minimize downtime and ensure traffic is flowing optimally at all times.
Point-of-use Energy Storage System

Redundancy for Traffic Flows

With reliable connectivity, faveo ensures smooth and safe traffic flow, reducing congestion, and improving overall road safety.

Key Features


Innovation in the marketplace

Provides Reliable Connectivity

Keeps your routers, switches, modems, and other ITS components that are essential for establishing and maintaining connectivity.

Protect Your Equipment

Prevent unauthorized access to the networking equipment.

Simplify Your Maintenance

Easy for technicians to access and maintain the equipment.
Pioneering Mobile Energy Storage Systems

Revolutionary Technology

Resilient power for intelligent traffic systems

Resilient power is important for intelligent traffic because traffic management systems rely heavily on electricity to function properly. In the event of a power outage, traffic signals, cameras, and other important devices may stop working, which can lead to traffic congestion, accidents, and delays. 

The faveo Traffic Backup System helps to ensure that critical traffic management systems remain operational even during power outages or other disruptions. By providing backup power to traffic signals, cameras, and other devices, Faveo’s resilient power system helps to maintain the flow of traffic and prevent accidents. 

Resilient power systems can help to reduce the impact of extreme weather events or other emergencies, which can cause widespread power outages. With a backup power system in place, traffic management systems can continue to function even when the primary power source is disrupted, allowing authorities to respond to emergencies more effectively. 

The faveo Traffic Backup System with resilient power is an essential component of intelligent traffic systems, helping to ensure the safety and efficiency of our roads and highways even during unexpected disruptions. 

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