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Businesses today are increasingly concerned about the environmental and social impact of the products and services they use. 

Our Sustainability Story

Sustainability at Viridi means sustaining communities so people can thrive.

Our founder and CEO, Jon M. Williams got his start in Environmental Contracting. As a remediation contractor in the Rust Belt, Jon saw firsthand how abandoned industrial facilities collapsed the economic activity in these communities. These sites are typically called Brownfields because of the contamination and historical uses, but we never give the loss of economic activity in the surrounding community a name; devastating is the only word that describes it. The solution is to re-create sustainable economic activity.


Bringing back jobs AND hope

“The first half of my career was focused on removing and remediating the remnants of the industrial revolution, the second half of my career will be focused on building and developing technologies and the associated industrial complexes that will last decades and centuries past my time” –Jon M. Williams

Our Sustainability Story

Sustainability at Viridi also means innovating the future of power

Using battery storage products to store electricity generated by renewable sources instead of coal or natural gas can make a big impact. Every 50 kWh of use of stored renewable electricity saves an average of 76 lbs of CO2 emissions compared to fossil-fuel-generated electricity (105 lbs and 47 lbs of CO2 emissions vs. electricity sourced by coal and natural gas, respectively). This amounts to a savings of 92% (95% and 89% vs coal and natural gas, respectively).


The future of energy depends on our ability to store it.

Over the 10,000 hr. lifetime of a single RPS50, the CO2 emissions savings from use would be 757,840 lbs (379 tons). vs fossil-fuel-generated electricity (1,047,196 lbs and 468,482 lbs vs. coal and natural gas, respectively).

Our Sustainability Story

Using the power of innovation

Inside our former auto parts factory, we are empowering an industrial transition to renewable energy with electric-fueled construction equipment and battery systems that provide stored energy for use in industrial, medical, commercial, municipal, and residential building applications. 

We’ve stepped away from our roots in remediation to devote more time to using the power of innovation to address the interconnected systems of economic inequality, environmental degradation, and climate change.

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