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About Viridi

Shaping a Sustainable Future.


Viridi deploys fail-safe lithium-ion battery technology into applications that fossil fuel energy sources have historically dominated. 

Revolutionizing the way energy is used and stored with commercial-scale lithium-ion-based energy storage systems certified for installation in occupied spaces. 


A Renewable Energy Center of Excellence.

Viridi’s 42-acre campus home was built in 1923 for General Motors. We are resuscitating this historic space in order to bring green jobs and workforce training opportunities to one of the nation’s most impoverished zip codes while also serving as a model of how adaptive reuse projects can spur the economy and revitalize communities.

Our Mission

Viridi is committed to using the power of business to address the interconnected systems of economic inequality, environmental degradation, and climate change.



Good Neighbor

Our History

Revolutionary Technology

After more than a decade of R&D, Viridi manufactures the first and only fail-safe battery energy storage system providing on-demand, affordable power for use in industrial, medical, commercial, municipal, and residential building applications.

2009 Company Founded

Company Founded in response to a challenge to innovate and utilize new green technologies in the infrastructure and development sectors.

2010 “Frankenstein”

The first Green Machine, “Frankenstein” an excavator powered entirely by battery-electric, was made public. This was the first step toward electrifying the future.

2013 Battery Energy Storage Prototype

We made our revolutionary Battery Energy Storage Prototype technology public to showcase its application in commercial settings.

2017 Retained Industry Leaders

Recognizing the need for distributed energy storage beyond construction applications, Viridi Parente retained industry leaders to lead the charge with Energy Storage Products.

2019 Testing, prototypes completed, and partnerships

Continual propagation suppression design refinement and testing begins.


8 prototypes are completed.


OEM Partnerships were created for Compact Construction Equipment to electrify machines from several brands that consumers know and trust.


Viridi raised $4.1 million in its initial private offering.

2020 Series B Capital Raise

Viridi raised $19.44 million in its Series B round led by Tom Golisano’s Grand Oaks Capital.  

2021 Major steps forward

Viridi installed its first faveo to provide resiliency and redundancy at key intersections leaning into intelligent transportation.


Propagation suppression design and refinement validated with in-house tests in subpack.


Viridi raised $94.7 million in its Series C round led by Tom Golisano’s Grand Oaks Capital.


Received strategic investments from National Grid Partners and Sunbelt Rentals.


Through a partnership with Ly-Cycle, Viridi Parente commits to 100% recycling for all end-of-life cells making Viridi the first company in the industry with such a bold commitment.

2022 Safety Milestones

Fail-Safe design validated with in house tests for the RPS 50.

Final RPS 50 destructive UL9540A test at independent test agency.

Final RPS 50 UL1973 safety test at independent test agency.

Installed the “Largest” 500kWh usable energy storage system for load leveling and load shifting, recognizing the importance of energy storage for the nation’s future.

2023 Rolled out Viridi’s RPS150

The only portable energy storage system that contains passive anti-propagation technology.

The completion of our 160,000 square foot Smart Manufacturing facility in Buffalo, NY. This expansion enhances our production capacity, enabling us to meet increasing demand and maintain our position at the forefront of the industry. 


Our expansion into Mexico and of the first international faveo® unit. The system, which was tested at police headquarters, provided seamless coverage during simulated outages, offering backup so instantaneous that disruptions couldn’t be detected by the integrated camera system.


A partnership with the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Lab through the PACE Consortium, which highlights our dedication to leading the development of next-generation grid technologies, supporting utility providers with innovative solutions. 

Jon M. Williams

founder & CEO

The first half of my career was focused on removing and remediating the remnants of the industrial revolution, the second half of my career will be focused on building and developing technologies and the associated industrial complexes that will last decades and centuries past my time.


Leadership Team

Eric Stein


D. Evan van Hook

Chief Sustainability Officer

Claire K. White

Chief Legal Officer

Dr. JR Linna

Head of Innovation

David Dickey

Global Operations

Dr. Noah Podolefsky

Innovation Lead

Rev. James E. (Pastor) Giles

Head of Personnel

Patrick M. Hanley, Jr., Esq.

Head of Government Affairs

Phil Partin

Director Product Development

Sam Ni

Asia VP Supply Chain & Operations

Board of Directors

Jon M. Williams

Chair of the Board

Thomas Bonadio

The Bonadio Group

David Bovenzi

Grand Oaks Capital

Daniel DiPofi

Grand Oaks Capital

Matthew K. Enstice

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc.

Tammy McLeod

CEO of The Flinn Foundation

Larry A. Montani


Joseph M. Williams

Kimmins Contracting

Michael MacDougall

Quantum Energy Partners*

* Quantum Energy Partners is not an investor in Viridi or its subsidiaries.

Our Strategic Partners

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"We have a great appreciation of Viridi Parente as we both share a commitment to the development of an energy ecosystem that prioritizes sustainability as it pertains to lithium-ion battery resource recovery.”

"The future of energy starts here! Great ideas come from working together."

"Viridi products open new opportunities for industrial customers to buy and store electricity at less-expensive, off-peak times–allowing companies to keep a greener footprint."



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