Revolutionizing the future of distributed energy

Viridi Parente deploys safe lithium-ion technology into applications that have been historically dominated by fossil fuel energy sources.

Our architecture is the only design in the market that can be safely installed and operated in nearly any environment or location.

We are commited to


We enable safe battery technology that can be deployed anywhere.

Energy Security

We empower ratepayers to control their energy consumption.

Quality of Life

We improve communities and lives by providing jobs and resilient power to all communities.


We help communities achieve their decarbonization goals.

Green Machine is the industry standard for electrified construction products. Our platforms are field validated for quality, cost, and performance.

We didn’t invent the backhoe, we ELECTRIFIED it.

Offering between 50 kWh and 1 MW of distributed energy storage for residential, commercial, and industrial applications to provide point-of-use resiliency, peak shaving, and load balancing. The systems designed by Volta Energy Products are the only of its size that can be safely installed in nearly any environment.

Power – designed around you.

Power designed around you

Improving Systems, Communities, and Lives

We are improving communities and lives by deploying safe battery technology into applications that have been historically dominated by fossil-fuel energy sources.

Proven Partnerships