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Anti-Propagation Thermal Management System

Could Cheap, Inferior Lithium-ion Batteries Short-Circuit Our Path to a Safe, Zero-Carbon Future?

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in energy storage devices, particularly lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have become a key component in our journey towards a safe and zero-carbon future. However, with the increasing demand for fail-safe, affordable and accessible energy storage solutions, concerns have arisen regarding the quality and safety of these batteries.

The Importance of Addressing Battery Safety Concerns

One of the major risks associated with lithium-ion batteries is thermal runaway. This phenomenon is characterized by uncontrolled heat generation and has the potential to lead to fires or explosions. The media has extensively covered incidents of thermal runaway, highlighting the need for effective risk mitigation strategies in the energy storage industry.

Viridi: Pioneering Fail-Safe Battery Solutions

At the forefront of addressing these concerns is Viridi, a company that has developed a groundbreaking Anti-Propagation Thermal Management System for lithium-ion batteries. This patented technology has undergone rigorous testing to UL standards, ensuring its safe deployment in various environments, including occupied spaces.

Large-scale Indoor Battery Installation at Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute

The Anti-Propagation Thermal Management System is designed to prevent the spread of thermal runaway within battery packs. In the event of thermal runaway, the system effectively contains the energy, preventing it from reaching neighboring cells or modules. This innovative approach eliminates the need for external fire suppression measures, making it a passive and highly reliable solution.

Viridi designs and builds fail-safe battery systems at their 42-acre renewable energy center of excellence. Here they are setting up a full-stack solution "Microfactory" that is pre-configured to perform customized assembly of the fail-safe battery packs with their patented anti-propagation thermal management system.

The risks associated with thermal runaway are not to be taken lightly. Catastrophic failures, gas release, and power outages can have severe consequences. All of which can significantly impact homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure. By implementing Viridi’s Anti-Propagation Thermal Management System, the risks posed by thermal runaway can be eliminated, ensuring a reliable and secure power supply, and allowing for installation inside occupied spaces.

Key Features of Viridi’s Anti-Propagation Thermal Management System

  • Passive design for enhanced safety
  • Propagation prevention at the cell level
  • No smoke or fire
  • Tested to indoor standards

Viridi’s commitment to innovation and risk mitigation is evident in their decade of cutting-edge research and development. Their Pack-Level Thermal Management Lithium-ion Battery System sets the industry standard for safety and reliability. By choosing Viridi, you can protect your daily operations and avoid severe economic consequences associated with inferior batteries.

Protect Your Energy Storage Needs with Viridi

To learn more about Viridi and the future of energy storage, contact our Energy Experts and discover how their Anti-Propagation Thermal Management System can help safeguard your energy storage needs.


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