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IIoT Solution

Telematics with Edge Computing

Advanced Industrial IOT
Optimize Your Intelligence
Run your IoT at the edge with the Viridi ViSTA® Data Engine powered by our intelligent gateway, the VCom1500.
Point-of-use Energy Storage System

Proactive Solutions Powered by AI

Our AI-powered Viridi ViSTA® solution can identify opportunities in advance that enable your organization to make great decisions. Knowledge is Power.
Point-of-use Energy Storage System

Premium Edge Computing Platform

The brain behind the Viridi ViSTA® solution and uses the latest LTE technology to provide secure, reliable, and resilient edge computing capabilities across all industries.
IIoT Solution

Key Features

IIoT Solution

Innovation in the marketplace

Real-time Decision Making

Develop quicker response times and reduces latency for more efficient processes, reduced downtime, and improved safety.

Predictive Maintenance

analyze energy demand, weather forecasts, and grid conditions to optimize the allocation of renewable energy resources.

Optimize Energy Storage

Optimize the use of energy storage systems, allowing them to store energy when it is abundant and release it when it is needed.
Pioneering Mobile Energy Storage Systems

iiot intelligent solution

A Highly Configurable Data Engine for Industrial IoT Device Management 

Make data-driven decisions in real time. Manage your applications with confidence so your infrastructure can scale with ease with our solution for rapid development, management, and scaling of IoT projects. 

The Viridi ViSTA® Data Engine for Industrial IoT device management is a software system that helps companies like yours manage substantial amounts of data generated by IIoT devices in industrial settings, such as factories, virtual power plants, campuses, oil rigs, and more. 

Viridi’s ViSTA® serves as a central hub that collects and analyzes data from various sources, including sensors, devices, and machines, and provides insights and recommendations to help your organization make informed decisions about operations. 

ViSTA® includes a variety of features, such as data collection, storage, processing, and visualization, as well as tools for managing devices, setting alerts, and triggering actions based on specific conditions. 

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