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Smart Automation and AI

Accelerating Battery Manufacturing at Viridi


Transformative technology has reduced the construction time of a battery storage pack from 30 labor-intensive hours to a mere 20 minutes.

Smart Automation

Remarkable Efficiency

Automation will significantly increase capacity and ensure quality.

Tremendous impact on
operations and output

Smart Automation

Overcome Challenges

Intelligent automated assembly can overcome battery production challenges by increasing throughput, reducing defect rates, and cutting production costs. Automation helps U.S. manufacturers like Viridi compete in the global market and localize production.

Viridi’s Fail-Safe Battery Technology for Mobile Energy Storage System Production

Our batteries utilize industry-leading lithium-ion cells from LG Energy Solutions, designed for automotive-grade performance and robust life cycles.

The fail-safe Li-ion battery system features anti-propagation technology, ensuring safety in occupied spaces, with a 10-year product life and 3,500-cycle capacity.

Experience the Future:

See Our Innovative Smart Robotic Systems in Action

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See inside our state-of-the-art factory as we launch the new automation lines.

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We are revolutionizing energy with a new generation of high-speed technology.

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See inside our state-of-the-art factory as we launch the new automation lines.

Viridi’s expansion integrates cutting-edge Smart Automation from Eclipse Automation and Bright Machines®

Local Production Benefits

Battery production in Buffalo creates job opportunities, boosts the local economy, and establishes a hub for clean energy innovation.

Localized production reduces transportation emissions and fosters research and development in clean energy and battery technology.


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