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optimize the performance of deployed assets

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VCom 156 Front Viridi IoT
Leverage advanced data analytics and real-time AI to optimize the performance of deployed assets.

We believe OPTIMIZATION is achieved by anticipating future operating performance and making real-time adjustments to operating parameters, shifting decision-making from post-event analysis to proactive decision-making. We turn "what went wrong" into "what went right".

Viridi Vcom Capabilities

Unlock the full potential of your assets with AI-based performance optimization

Effortlessly, remotely manage ALL devices and assets

Stay future-proof with our flexible and scalable architecture

Rest easy with our embedded secure computing environment

Gain control over wireless service costs

Access the powerful Vista® data visualization and device management platform

Engage our IoT Experts

You Have Options

When choosing the Vcom Device for your project, you have three options to consider: entry level, full feature, and full feature plus dual radio. Each option offers different capabilities and features to suit your specific needs. Our team of experts is available to provide guidance and support in selecting the option that best fits your requirements.

Vcom use case

Remote Asset Configuration, Monitoring, and Control from one centralized location.

The Vcom’s unique capabilities enable organizations to remotely manage machinery, equipment, and infrastructure, while not physically on-site.

Vcom use case

The Vcom’s Unique FirstNet enabled IoT System is Ideal for Disaster Recovery

FirstNet is designed to provide dedicated, reliable, and high-speed communication services during crises, disasters, and everyday operations. FirstNet is particularly valuable in emergency power applications such as disaster recovery.

Vcom use case

System Level Insights for big picture understanding of your IoT device and asset Ecosystem

Industrial solutions often require multiple assets. Whether you’re using a fuel tank or forklift, constructing a power plant or building a bridge, your teams need to know EVERYTHING in one view with the Vcom Premium Edge Computing Platform.

Vcom use case

Safeguard assets, protect sensitive information, and maintain operational integrity with Proximity Alarms

Enhance security by detecting and alerting to unauthorized access or tampering with critical equipment. Attach a security camera to an outdoor Telecommunications Enclosure and get a 24/7, 360º view of your worksite.

An Intelligent Edge Powered by


  • Connect Assets
  • Collect & Process Data
  • Control, Monitor & Report
  • Improve Asset Resiliency & Efficiency
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Predict Failures

Vcom Platform Ideal for These Industries

Renewable Energy

Utilities and Microgrids

Intelligent Transportation


Commercial and Industrial

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Healthcare and Research

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Emergency Response and Disaster Relief


The ViSTA® and Vcom initiatives are spearheaded by a team of professionals with extensive expertise in Industrial IoT, data analytics, and software development. Leveraging their profound knowledge and skills, this group enables Viridi to advance its industrial technology presence within the energy distribution market.

Developing AI Tools for Advanced Monitoring and Diagnostics

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"We have a great appreciation of Viridi Parente as we both share a commitment to the development of an energy ecosystem that prioritizes sustainability as it pertains to lithium-ion battery resource recovery."

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"Viridi products open new opportunities for industrial customers to buy and store electricity at less-expensive, off-peak times–allowing companies to keep a greener footprint."

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