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1.2 MWh Series

Large Scale Energy Storage

Patented Anti-propagation Technology for Safety
Pioneering Fail-Safe Distributed Energy Storage Technology
A Safe, Powerful GRID-TIED System that Redefines Energy Storage
Point-of-use Energy Storage System

Large Scale Energy Storage System

Engineered to provide constant energy output and reliable backup power.
1.2 MWh Series

Key Features

1.2 MWh Series

Innovation in the marketplace

Manage Industrial Energy Demands

Get increased power capacity and longer operational durations, enhancing efficiency and reliability in industrial applications.

Manage EV Charging Demands

Accelerate electric vehicle (EV) charging, reducing charging times and increasing convenience for EV owners.

Manage Construction Charging Demands

Optimize construction equipment, providing portable power sources that enhance productivity and reduce downtime on job sites.
Pioneering Mobile Energy Storage Systems

A Powerful GRID-TIED System that Redefines Energy Storage

1.2 MWh Series Large Scale Energy Storage System is a family of large lithium-ion battery energy storage systems designed to provide safe, high-tech solutions for large energy storage.

It consists of a proprietary battery matrix that is engineered to provide constant energy output and reliable backup power.

Viridi utilizes state-of-the-art processing technology to produce high-quality, energy-dense storage solutions for managing the energy demands of industry, EV charging, and construction.

Our solutions are easily adaptable to the green energy space and are designed to be integrated into both current and future building grids.

1.2 MWh Series Properties (Preliminary)

  • Power Output 240 kW
  • Energy Capacity 1.2 MWh

Key Benefits

  • Peak-shaving allows stored energy to be used when grid energy prices are high due to peak demand pricing spikes and recharges during lower demand times reducing energy costs.
  • During a blackout or brownout, the 1.2 MWh series provides auto-switch-over backup power without interruption to customer use.
  • During standard operation, the installed 1.2 MWh series is a low-maintenance customizable energy storage option.
  • Viridi’s 1.2 MWh Series is capable of being integrated with already existing green energy forms, including photovoltaic (PV), wind, generators, etc.

Viridi offers many battery energy storage/backup product forms and battery charging product forms for many green energy applications. Contact Viridi for your specific design requirements.

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