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Large Scale Energy Storage

Patented Anti-propagation Technology for Safety
Pioneering Fail-Safe Distributed Energy Storage Technology
Parallel multiple RPS1200’s together into an intelligent microgrid
Point-of-use Energy Storage System

Large Scale Energy Storage System

Engineered to provide constant energy output and reliable backup power.

Key Features


Innovation in the marketplace

Manage Industrial Energy Demands

Get increased power capacity and longer operational durations, enhancing efficiency and reliability in industrial applications.

Manage EV Charging Demands

Accelerate electric vehicle (EV) charging, reducing charging times and increasing convenience for EV owners.

Manage Construction Charging Demands

Optimize construction equipment, providing portable power sources that enhance productivity and reduce downtime on job sites.
Pioneering Mobile Energy Storage Systems

A Powerful GRID-TIED System that Redefines Energy Storage

Introducing the RPS1200 1.2 MWh Series—a cutting-edge family of large-scale lithium-ion battery energy storage systems meticulously crafted to deliver secure, advanced solutions for substantial energy storage needs.

At its core, this system features a proprietary battery matrix engineered to ensure consistent energy delivery and dependable backup power.

Viridi employs state-of-the-art processing technology to develop premium, energy-dense storage solutions tailored for industrial, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and construction applications.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate into the renewable energy landscape, offering adaptable designs for incorporation into existing and future grid infrastructures.


480V 3-phase Max Continuous Power (Operating temperature range mirrors battery cell specifications. The Battery Management System (BMS) is programmed to manage the pack utilization rate to control the internal pack thermal conditions and prevent operation outside of pack interior temperature limits, which can be tailored for different applications/installations. The BMS communicates applicable operating conditions continuously via CAN bus to the inverter and/or system controller.)

  • 240kW Charge
  • 240kW Discharge

Battery System

  • 1,174.4kWh Nominal
  • 1041.8kWh Usable (DC) at 90% DOD
  • Approximate Charge and Discharge Durations: 240kW for 4.23hrs, 120kW for 8.46hrs, 60kW for 16.92hrs
  • 4,000 Cycles at Usable Capacity (Cycle life can be optimized for individual applications and operating conditions (depth of discharge, duty cycle, temperature, charge/discharge rate).



Parallel multiple RPS1200’s together into an intelligent microgrid. Viridi BEMS AI-controlled Energy Management Platform optimizes facility energy usage to cut costs and maximize decarbonization efforts.

Viridi offers many battery energy storage/backup product forms and battery charging product forms for many green energy applications. Contact Viridi for your specific design requirements.

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