Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel engine in 1892, we thought it was time for a change.

Designed to Work Cleaner, Quieter, Smarter

Green Machine sets the standard as the first battery pack system to meet the demands and rigors of the construction and heavy industrial markets. Green Machine engineers build the most rugged portable energy systems in the world while delivering safe, quiet, fully renewable mobile energy solutions with the ability to outperform diesel in every metric.

GREEN MACHINE By the Numbers


Units Currently in Use


Quieter than the diesel alternative


Tons of carbon offset in the field


Hours of Field Use



  • Designed for all day operation
  • Outperforms diesel competitors in every metric, including breakout force
  • With full torque available at low RPMs, the days of wasted power revving the engine are gone

Maintenance Free

  • Replaces the diesel engine and drivetrain with industry-leading battery and motor technology
  • Reduces maintenance costs to almost nothing
  • With Green Machine equipment, your job keeps running


  • Significantly reduced sound levels (85-90% reduction in dBs)
  • Greater control at lower RPMs
  • Safer for operators and other workers on site


  • Every Green Machine unit represents a 10-18 metric ton of tailpipe carbon offset
  • Makes your jobsite more sustainable
  • Improves your impact on the community around you


Increase power, performance, and efficiency with zero emissions on your jobsite.


We will be your electrification partner.

Our Green Machine Platform

  • e10

    Compact Excavator

    The Compact Excavator platform provides users with a fully electric option for accessing job sites where exhausting hand labor is the only other option. The flexible, compact equipment design combined with our electric power system that reduces noise and eliminates harmful emissions makes the excavator an ideal tool for navigating through narrow openings and tighter spaces indoors and outdoors.

  • e20

    Compact (Mini) Excavator

    The Compact (Mini) Excavator platform provides users with all the benefits of fully electric equipment while delivering the same level of performance as its fossil fuel-powered counterpart. The quiet, zero-emission equipment enables a 39-inch hydraulically retractable undercarriage to expand to 54 inches, delivering impressive performance in tight areas with minimal repositioning.

  • CASE 580 EV

    Electric Backhoe Loader

    As the industry’s first fully electric backhoe loader, the CASE 580 EV leverages the Green Machine platform to deliver power and performance equivalent to its diesel counterparts while also providing instant torque, lower job site noise, lower daily and lifetime operating costs, reduced maintenance demands, and zero emissions.


    “Our crews love the Green Machine e240 mini excavator, powered by Green Machine, we have. They are quiet enough that our employees can communicate easily and more safely. Our customers appreciate the lower noise levels as well, especially during off-shift operations. The Green Machine is proven to be durable, reliable, and economical. They are an important component of our commitment to a sustainable environment. We just placed an order for two more units and look forward to working with Green Machine on additional equipment.”

    Bob DeMarinis
    Vice President Operations & Construction

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Featured Platforms

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On Road Platform


Utility Vehicle

GME 1700 is a utility vehicle which uses a chassis designed and perfected by Danish manufacturer Garia Utility while implementing our proprietary durable, and safe battery and WhisperDrive™ technology for last-mile, low-speed applications in the U.S. These utility vehicles are compact and durable, with no compromises on features.

• Payload up to 1,477 lbs
• Crash test and safe
• Top speed 35 miles/hr
• Range up to 125 miles
• Custom configurations
• Low cost operations

Ready to try for yourself?

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