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GreenForce: Careers and Economic Opportunity for All

Recruit, develop, and support underserved communities in the workforce.

Viridi: Empowering Underserved Communities in Buffalo

Viridi is an emerging leader in designing and manufacturing fail-safe battery systems for various applications. To become a global leader in energy storage, Viridi recognizes the importance of building a world-class workforce. Viridi is committed to building this workforce in Buffalo, particularly in the Eastside community where Viridi is located. The Eastside of Buffalo is surrounded by some of the poorest zip codes regionally, statewide, and nationally.

Partnering with GreenForce Training, a non-profit organization focused on recruiting and developing training programs for underserved communities, Viridi aims to provide access to the emerging battery manufacturing industry for underserved communities. Viridi plans to hire approximately 250 more employees in the next few years, with over 60% of the jobs being good paying, stable entry-level positions.

Meeting Workforce Demands

New Energy New York estimates that the battery manufacturing industry in New York State requires significant growth to meet future demands. By 2030, the workforce must grow to at least 157,000 jobs, and over 230,000 jobs are needed to support the development of next-gen battery technology innovations. Viridi and GreenForce Training are at the forefront of this emerging industry, having a profound impact environmentally, economically, and socially.

Empowering the Eastside Community

The Eastside of Buffalo has faced significant trauma and economic challenges in recent years. Viridi and GreenForce Training aim to eradicate poverty by providing access to good paying jobs for Eastside individuals and families. Soft skills and financial literacy training are also emphasized to develop a strong workforce and support individuals’ long-term success.

GreenForce Training Program

  • GreenForce Training offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes soft skills, technical, safety, and hands-on training.
  • The training program is customized to mimic Viridi’s operational model and to support individuals from marginalized populations.
  • Graduates of the GreenForce Training program are placed directly at Viridi, allowing them to enjoy the benefits and opportunities provided by the company.

Success and Impact

  • Since November 2022, GreenForce has received over 700 applicants and trained 47 individuals, achieving a 100% graduation rate.
  • All graduates of the program have been successfully placed at Viridi, with 66% of hires receiving GreenForce assistance for various needs.
  • The program has seen high success rates, with 98% of graduates achieving their 30-day milestone, 94% achieving their 90-day milestone, and 83% achieving their 180-day milestone.
  • Notably, Viridi’s production staff is composed of 90% people of color, demonstrating a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

By providing access to training and employment opportunities, Viridi and GreenForce Training are making a positive impact on the Eastside community of Buffalo and contributing to the growth of the battery manufacturing industry in New York State.