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GreenForce: careers and economic opportunity for all

A key tenet of Viridi’s vision is to contribute to the economic health and resilience of the communities in which it operates, in East Buffalo and beyond. To realize that vision, the company has created GreenForce, a job-opportunity agency that recruits and trains workers for Viridi, helping people attain, navigate and sustain successful careers in the green energy future.

Local community leaders have participated in the development of GreenForce since the beginning and will continue to be instrumental to its success. The images below are from a design session, during which community leaders and Viridi team members envisioned a recruit’s experience from first hearing about the program through managing a successful career at the company.

GreenForce Board of Directors:

Bishop Michael Badger

Jeffrey Conrad (President)

Pastor James Giles

Dwayne Gillison Sr

Heather Williams

Components of the GreenForce program include:

  • A board of directors made up of local community leaders
  • Ongoing evaluation and collaboration with community stakeholders
  • Case managers, mentors, and services (transportation, etc) to support recruits’ success
  • Pre-job training through transitional work where needed
  • Life skills, technical skills, and dexterity training that prepare trainees for life
  • Support for high-risk candidates, including immigrants and people reentering society


Viridi’s vision is to power 97% of the economy beyond Electric Vehicles. That will take a mighty force of talent, commitment, and community.  Which will take equal economic health for all.

For more information on careers or how you can get involved with GreenForce, visit