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Fail-safe, on-demand battery storage systems for your business

Renewable Energy Integration

Battery storage systems like the RPS150 provide a way to capture and store excess energy during periods of high generation and release it when generation is insufficient.

Load Shifting and Demand Management

By shifting the load, you can reduce reliance on fossil fuel-based power during peak times. Alleviate strain on the grid during high-demand periods. Get grid stability and reduce the likelihood of blackouts or brownouts.

Grid Independence and Resilience

Operate independently from the electrical grid during power outages or emergencies. Get backup power to critical community infrastructure and ensure continuity of operations.

Cost Savings and Energy Independence

Battery storage systems can provide financial benefits through participation in demand response programs or by earning revenue from providing ancillary services to the grid.

Sustainable power benefits multiple business sectors

viridi-Primary Use Case Smart Campus

Smart Colleges and Universities

Store excess energy generated during periods of low demand when renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines are producing more power than needed. Use it during peak demand periods like stadium events.

viridi-Primary Use Case Community Power

Community Power Associations

Ensure a more stable and reliable power supply from renewable sources, reduce the need for conventional power plants and increase the overall share of clean energy in your community's power mix.

viridi-Primary Use Case Emergency Response

State Emergency Management Agencies

Your government agency is responsible for coordinating and managing disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts at the state level. Make sure you can provide emergency power support to your communities with a fail-safe battery storage system.

Industrial Manufacturing

Implement fail-safe, on-demand battery storage systems to optimize your manufacturing process and decrease your plant’s carbon footprint.

Hospitals and Medical Research Facilities

Laboratories, research teams, and specialized equipment require resilient power to ensure a continuity of critical, life-saving operations.

Business Commerce

Avoid business disruptions. Make sure your electronic platforms, procurement, sales, supply chain management, and financial transactions stay functioning with a point-of-use energy storage system.

Municipal Power Services

Meet the energy needs of your community while ensuring reliable and affordable service. Continue the generation, distribution, and management of electrical power even during an outage.

Smart Transportation

Optimize traffic efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Use the faveo intelligent transportation backup system to enhance transportation planning, operations, and user experience while minimizing congestion, emissions, and accidents.

Engage our energy experts

Implement fail-safe, on-demand battery storage

System sizing, integration with existing infrastructure, safety protocols, maintenance, and lifecycle considerations need evaluation. Engage with our energy experts to ensure a successful and sustainable deployment of your battery storage solution.


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