Building your career in clean energy

Viridi Parente has been disrupting the energy industry since 2009 and continues to grow locally and globally. We’re looking for engineers, innovators, and creatives who are able to think on their feet, learn, and develop into tomorrow’s clean energy leaders.

“What I like best about working at Green Machine is that I’m part of a team that has the opportunity to build the culture and processes of a new company! I like being able to see how my work affects the big picture.”

Sandra C. – Inventory & Logistics Manager

“I’m excited for the chance to gain hands-on experience at Green Machine. Viridi’s Earn While You Learn program, through the Mechanical Engineering Tech program at Northland Workforce Center, has allowed me the opportunity to learn on the job and given me the boost and confidence I need to build a successful career.”

Brandon A. – Mechanic

“I love working at Viridi Parente. As engineer, the challenge of creating innovative products that benefit both our customers and the planet really appeal to me. I’m a problem solver at heart, and our work is defining brand new industries and developing technologies that aim to solve the world’s biggest energy problems. This tremendous opportunity makes what we do not only exciting – but important. And we’re doing it right here in Buffalo!”

Michael – Machine Engineer

Career Opportunities

If you think you fit the mold, check out our job openings.

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Revitalizing Communities

Viridi Parente is revitalizing one of the country’s most impoverished communities by creating new jobs and business opportunities. Our campus hosts local nonprofits that give residents access to basic resources, education, skills training, and job opportunities. Viridi Parente also works with local partners and holds leadership positions with groups such as the New York State Climate Action Council to improve the quality of life for employees and residents.