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Driving industries, institutions, cities and the country. (Not just cars.)

Given the amount of media attention surrounding EVs, or electric vehicles, it might be surprising to learn that virtually every automobile manufacturer is competing for only 3% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) — the measure used to determine the size and health of our economy. This means that if every EV competitor succeeds, it still leaves 97% of the economy behind. That’s hardly a revolution, and not even close to the transformation we need in order to achieve a resilient future. 

Viridi’s mission is to power the other 97% of the GDP, providing zero-carbon energy for governments, infrastructure systems across the country, medical and academic institutions, industries of every kind, and commercial and residential built environments. As the only manufacturer of fail-safe lithium-ion battery technology that’s been approved for use in occupied spaces, Viridi is in a unique position to accomplish this. 

Viridi’s products are fail-safe. Viridi’s products incorporate thermal-management technology developed by KULR Technology Group, Inc. (NYSE American: KULR), a company that has its origins in cooling solutions developed for NASA space missions. Fail-Safe technology means Viridi goes wherever energy is needed. Its battery system has been rigorously tested in extreme conditions and passed the safety threshold established by CSA, a leading independent testing body.

Viridi lithium-ion battery systems are ready now to power the 97%.