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faveo battery backup and IoT management for Lancaster

The Town of Lancaster Partners with Viridi to Upgrade Traffic Signals with faveo ITS Cabinet

The FIRST municipality in North America to convert its traffic signals to battery backup and IoT management.

The Town of Lancaster, located in New York, is making history as the first municipality in North America to convert its traffic signals to battery backup and IoT management. This groundbreaking program ensures that eight of Lancaster’s busiest intersections maintain a resilient and uninterrupted power supply, even during outages.

The implementation of the faveo ITS Cabinet backup systems has been a significant milestone for the town. Under the supervision of the town highway superintendent, these systems were securely installed and activated at 8 critical intersections throughout Lancaster. By deploying this advanced technology, the town can maintain traffic flow during power outages, effectively mitigating safety risks at impacted intersections.

“The advantage of deploying this type of technology is to maintain traffic flow during power outages while mitigating safety risks at impacted intersections.”—Ron Ruffino, Town Supervisor

This forward-thinking approach by the Town of Lancaster demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the safety and efficiency of its transportation infrastructure.

faveo ITS Cabinet: Remote Monitoring and Full Telematics

In addition to the battery backup and IoT management systems, the Town of Lancaster has also implemented ViSTA remote monitoring and full telematics capabilities for its upgraded traffic signals. This innovative feature allows for real-time data sharing and alerts, enabling the town’s transportation department to closely monitor the performance of the traffic signal infrastructure.

  • With remote monitoring, officials can access vital information about the status and functionality of each intersection, ensuring prompt response and maintenance when necessary.
  • The full telematics integration provides valuable insights into traffic patterns, signal timings, and potential issues, allowing for data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement of the town’s traffic management system.

By adopting remote monitoring and full telematics, the Town of Lancaster further enhances its ability to optimize traffic flow, improve safety measures, and address any potential disruptions swiftly and efficiently.

faveo ITS Cabinet: Creating a Safer and Healthier Community

From design and implementation to funding and installation, a well-coordinated and finely-tuned traffic management system is vital for creating a safer and healthier community. The Town of Lancaster has shown exemplary leadership in embracing innovative solutions to improve its traffic signal infrastructure.


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