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Battery Technology

Fire-Preventing BESS Uses Modular Approach

This decade has been called lithium-ion’s decade, yet there are significant threats, namely thermal runaway and the resulting propagation that typically occur during a thermal runaway event. One battery fire can ignite a multitude of passionate skeptics eager to spread half-truths, particularly in an election year.

Which is why guaranteeing battery safety remains paramount. “As 10-minute EV fast charging becomes more prevalent, there’s a heightened risk of lithium-ion battery fires. It is crucial to establish rigorous safety standards for battery infrastructure, underscoring the importance of widespread failsafe battery technology to meet the increasing demand for EVs nationwide.”

That’s according to Jon Williams, chief executive officer of Buffalo, NY-based Viridi, who not only outlines the problem, but sets the stage for Viridi’s solution, what the company calls “anti-propagation thermal management.”

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