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Viridi unveils a new brand identity

A company’s brand is a synthesis of its origins, accomplishments, and potential.

Viridi Parente first began in 2010 as Green Machine, a manufacturer of construction and heavy-industry equipment that set a new standard, by delivering safe, quiet, fully renewable mobile energy systems. Since their introduction, Green Machine products have proven themselves in over 300,000 hours of field use, outperforming diesel engines by every measure.

Founded in 2018, Volta Energy’s fail-safe, zero-carbon stationary energy systems provide infrastructure backup for system resilience, and are the first battery systems in the history of lithium-ion technology approved for use in occupied buildings.

Together, these products, for mobile and stationary distributed energy storage, have the power and scale to transform energy as we know it, and make the zero-carbon energy revolution possible. Viridi’s products can double the available energy at the point of use through our current electrical grid, with no additional investment in infrastructure.

What all this means is that Viridi’s future is as big as energy itself.