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The future of energy

Introducing the missing piece of the zero-carbon energy puzzle.

“The new era of energy storage has begun — reliable energy storage that is safe enough to be placed in occupied buildings has been the missing piece in the energy puzzle, and now it’s here.” Jon M. Williams, Chairman and CEO, Viridi


Reuters. “Creaky U.S. Power Grid Threatens Progress on Renewables, EVs.” Accessed June 29, 2022.

Powerful:  Not only will Viridi power the renewables revolution, but we’re also helping to build it and keep it safe. View Our Products

Viridi’s Green Machine products have over 300,000 hours of rugged field use with customers on its portable lithium-ion battery systems in a market projected to reach USD $205 billion in North America by 2025. The Viridi Faveo offers the perfect solution for infrastructure backup systems that don’t go down and don’t lose data. And Viridi products make zero-carbon, resilient airports and rail systems possible now.

Affordable and Scalable: By storing energy during off-peak hours to distribute on-peak, point-of-use energy storage alleviates the need for fossil fuels…Viridi’s products can double the available energy at the point of use through our current electrical grid with no additional investment in infrastructure. Read More

Viridi’s mission is to power the other 97% of the GDP, providing zero-carbon energy for governments, infrastructure systems across the country, medical and academic institutions, industries of every kind, and commercial and residential built environments. As the only manufacturer of fail-safe lithium-ion battery technology that’s been approved for use in occupied spaces, Viridi is in a unique position to accomplish this.

Regenerative and sustainable: Viridi’s 42-acre campus, a former GM manufacturing facility, is bringing green jobs and workforce training opportunities to one of the nation’s most impoverished zip codes while also serving as a model of how adaptive reuse projects can spur the economy and revitalize communities. Read More

Ready: Imagine if a zero-carbon energy future was possible today. It is, with Viridi.